Legends Weapon Game (ShadowGun Legends)

As you are very aware of games, till today million is the games have been released and continuously going high for the gamers so today we are having an interesting and group fun story game that known as adorable and easy to understand. This game is the product of Madfinger Games developed and published for Android Operating system (OS) and iOS devices released on March 22? 2k18 named Shadowgun Legends.

This legends game provides you guys an interface, included the environment of an anonymous Planet where over 200 single players campaign mission and many multiplayer modes such as dual, Ascendancy,  Elimination, Dungeons (Blade Dancer, Brothers of Fire, Vittai Fist, Hive Mind), Arenas(Bronze, Arena and Silver Arena). In the shape of Alliance, you players Fight to one another.

This fighting game allows you guys to fight Either with environment means the player fights with given enemies (PvE) or players Versus Players (PvP) means other players will be connected to you in game online session and you both or with your team can fight.

The players consist of completing given missions. Missions can be either part of a story campaign or one of the side quests. The winning of each mission awards you with the experience points and allows further progress.

ShadowGun Legends

ShadowGun Legends

According to the progress, this game is little quaver to Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) because when GTA 5 APK released it was used a lot and this is also Parallel to Shadowgun Legends Game.

In the market, this is also a strong contender game for mobile Shooter. It is easy to download from play store but takes time in downloading due to its some of the heavy files because of graphics. Sometimes the programmers or Software developers want their product graphics and Functionality to be looked effective as Compared to GTA 5.